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          led showcase light Manufacturers_SP-14003 - Watch clock counter light-SEEPOSH lighting

          Contact us


          Hotline:0769-8162-7580 From Monday to Saturday,Late morning8:30-At night21:00

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          Seeposh Lighting Mission
          The mission of SEEPOSH is “Let the lighting to be a kind of fashion”. The together goal of SEEPOSH men is to do wholeheartedly customer service to all of our customers. We will continue work on LED display light industry and try our best to be the most famous brand in both domestic and worldwide markets and the customer preferred manufacture of LED display light. 

          Dongguan Seeposh Lighting Technology Co.
          Address details:No.2 Getian Road Zengtian Industrial Park,Changan Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China
          Telephone:+86 13926890495

          Zip code:523000